Approver Basics
This is a must-see video for all new P-Card Approvers. Learn what to look for in P-Card documentation, explore the basics of evaluating allowability, and pick up some tips for managing the program in your department.
Business Purpose Explanations
Why are business purpose statements so important? How much information really needs to be included? Watch this video for the answers to these questions and more.
buyBAMA Approver Role
Approving orders placed by others is simple and easy. Watch this quick video to learn how.
buyBAMA Shopper Role
This quick video provides the training for individuals who have been assigned the Shopper role in buyBAMA. It explains how to place items into the shopping cart and transfer it to another user.
Tips for Paying Relocation Expenses
Making an offer to a new employee that includes an allotment to cover relocation expenses? Watch this video so you'll know exactly what to expect.
Misuse and Fraud VideoThings Every Approver Should Know About Misuse and Fraud
Despite our best efforts, there is always possibility of P-Card misuse or fraud. Watch this video to learn how Approvers can help deter this behavior.
>Sales Tax
Making sure that Sales Tax is handled appropriately is important. This video answers many of the common questions related to sales tax on P-Card purchases.