How do I register for Procurement training classes?

Registration for all of our training sessions is handled through SkillPort.

To find our in person classes click on the Course Catalog, then open the Instructor Led Training and Webinars folder.  Look for the Purchasing Systems folder under the Technology and Systems category.

Our online courses are listed in the UA Custom Content section of the Course Catalog.

Where are Procurement training classes held?

Procurement Training is located in the Procurement Services Building, and many of our classes are held in the Procurement Training Room.  However, we do offer classes in other locations from time to time.  Please check the course information in SkillPort for the training location.

What type of parking is available at the Procurement Services Building?

We are lucky to have ample faculty/staff parking right outside our building.

Is it possible to schedule special training sessions just for my department?

Absolutely.  We are happy to accommodate your training requests.  Email with your specific needs.  Whether you choose to hold the training in your location or ours, courses can be offered in the standard format or customized to fit the situation.