The Office of Procurement Services includes Accounts Payable, Contract Administration, Contract Management, Furnishings and Designs, Procurement Training, Purchasing, and Purchasing Card Services.  As you are getting settled in, we would like to recommend that you take advantage of the training opportunities that are available to help you get up to speed on the policies that apply when purchasing goods or services and/or traveling on behalf of the University.

Procurement TopicDescriptionRegistration and Links
P-Card Policies and ProceduresThe P-Card Policies & Procedures class is required for all new Cardholders and Reconcilers. In this course you will learn the basics of University policies that pertain to the use of the Purchasing Card including:
  • P-Card, Purchasing, and Travel Policy
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with the P-Card program
  • Specific program requirements (i.e. allowable/prohibited P-Card charges, documentation requirements, etc.)
  • Resources available to campus

Steps Required
  1. Complete the P-Card Application.
  2. Complete Required Training: P-Card Policies and Procedures and Concur Travel and Expense

Note: Cardholders are required to complete Instructor-led P-Card Policy and Procedures and Concur Travel and Expense training. The P-Card Policies and Procedures eLearning course can be used as a refresher only for Cardholders and Reconcilers.
The P-Card Policy and Procedures eLearning course is currently being updated.

Instructor-led training sessions are being offered twice a month through Zoom. Please contact to sign-up.
Concur Travel and Expense: System Overview and IntroductionThe Concur Travel and Expense training is required for all P-Card cardholders and UA employees seeking reimbursement (and their delegates), as well as any UA employees submitting requests to pay non-UA individuals and/or entities. Concur is a Travel and Expense Management System, and is our primary system for making travel reservations, reconciling non-travel P-Card transactions, submitting travel expense reports, processing payments for non-UA individuals, and payment of vendor invoices. This course provides an introduction to the Concur Travel and Expense system including the four system modules including:
  • Understand how to access system and process through four system modules: Request, Travel, Expense and Invoice
  • Understand steps required to set up profiles, delegates, default FOAPAL information, and book travel

Steps Required
  1. Complete the Concur User Access Request Form.
  2. Complete Required Training: Concur Travel and Expense.

Note: Both the Concur instructor-led course and the Concur eLearning course will fulfill the Concur training requirement for new Concur users to gain system access.
The Concur Travel and Expense eLearning course is available via the UA LMS.

Instructor-led training sessions are being offered twice a month through Zoom.  Please contact to sign-up.